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Here are some photo's of our own models, as well as photo's of other modellers who have been using our decals. Just click on the small pictures to see an enlarged version, and click 'back' on your browser to return to this page. For the latest additions, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Many thanks to those who have already contributed, nevertheless we're still looking forward to receive photo's of your models with our decals!

Michel Boer, Netherlands:

From left to right: Alvis Straussler of the Dutch East Indies Army, Dutch Morris based AC, Dutch Vickers Carden Lloyd tankette, Ehrhardt AC in Polish use.

From left to right: British Mark I in Gaza, Red Army Austin Putilov - Kegresse, Don Cossack Austin series 1, Tsarist Army Renault Mgebrov (scratchbuilt) 

From left to right: Lithuanian Vickers Carden Lloyd light tank, Lithuanian FT-17, Latvian Vickers Carden Lloyd light tank, Tsarist Putilov Garford.

From left to right: Italian Lancia 1ZM, French Schneider, Yugoslav Renault R35.

Jan Giesbers, Netherlands:

From left to right: Fiat Tipo Tripoli, Fiat 18 BL, Swedish LK-II

Antal Giesbers, Netherlands:

From left to right: Stuart Dutch East Indies, Dutch M-36 (Landsverk), Liberation of Prague 1945

Rob Tas, Netherlands:

Three Dutch A/C's, from left to right: DAF M-39, M-36 (Landsverk) and M-38 (Landsverk)

Jeff Hamblen, USA:

From left to right: Polish (captured) Austin Putilov, 2 x Don Cossack Army Austin series 1

Austin series 1 armoured car in Polish service and a German Stug III Fahrschule

J.P. Willemse, Netherlands:

Scratchbuilt Morris based armoured car, Dutch Army 1930's.

Tom Hathaway, USA:
Tom is a retired army officer, who has built models of the unit which he commanded. 
A number of the decals used on the below truck has been produced specially for him.

Eric Gallaud, France:
Eric is a very talented modeller from France with a special interest in WW-1 vehicles.

Don Cossack Army Austin series 1

Armstrong Whitworth Fiat in Tsarist service

Marco Dekker, Netherlands:
Marco is a trucker and has built a model of his own truck. 


Jos Peters
, Netherlands:
Jos builds old trains on a big scale. 


Jan Peters, Netherlands:
Jan is a regular prize winner at competitions and built a Landsverk in Dutch service, being captured in May, 1940. 


Arlo Werkhoven, Netherlands:
German Ehrhardt armoured car, 1917, 1/35 scale. 


Peter Ibes, Netherlands:
Here's Peter's prize winning Potez 621:

Hugo Cabral, Portugal:
Hugo was lucky to have access to this Lynx helicopter of the Portuguese Navy. A number of the decals on this excellent model are made by us, most notably the nose art.


Jan Spoelder
, Netherlands:
Jan has built a R/C 1/16 scale Fennek in Dutch service, with help of 'the real thing'.

Kees Blijleven:
Kees has built a version of the Dutch Leopard 2A6, which during the European soccer championship of 2008 was temporarily painted orange.

Piet Hoogendoorn:
Piet is a renowned builder of old timer trucks in 1/50 scale; here are a few of his excellent models with our custom made markings.

Jörg Schneider:
Our friend from Germany has specialized in Great War models, showing here some of his finest pieces.


Theo Barten:
Theo has written 3 books, Frituur Zorro parts 1 - 3, about former military vehicles having a second life in civil service. Great books! Here are some examples of these vehicles as models.

Olaf Kievit:
A fellow member of the Dutch Twenot, who has built an impressive model of the Panzerhaubitze 2000.

Harry Kingma:
Harry made a diorama of his grandfathers tank platoon in the Dutch East Indies, late 1940s.