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Just imagine; you have a beautiful resin model without any decals....
You find a photo of the real thing with just the markings you like, and there are no decals of that sold by anyone... 
You try to paint it yourself by hand or any other way, but the result is still not satisfying.... 

Then you've come to the right place: we can print the decals you need! Just send us your designs and weŽll get back
to you with an offer. 
In the past, we did make designs, but due to lack of time we regret that we can only take orders which are already 
designed in Corel Draw or another vector based drawing program.

Modelling is a hobby, for us as well, so we've dedicated ourselves to keep our prices at an affordable level.

No limits! We'll do any scale, any model (vehicles, planes, trains, ships, figures, etc.) and any subject or period in history.
The only limits we have are the final size of the decal (20 x 25 cm) because of the printer and paper size,
and we don't do swastika's for personal reasons. For anything else, from ancient Greek shield prints in 1/16 upto
present day Iraqi roadsigns in 1/144, we're keen to make your decals.

We do ask you to send your files in Corel Draw X5 or lower version. If youŽre working with another program, please
check first with us which format you can send.