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Welcome to the website of Black Lion Decals!

We started Black Lion Decals, simply because we needed some decals, 
and if you ever bought and built one of those beautiful but expensive 
resin models and wondered wherever they had put the decalsheet, then 
you know exactly what we're all about.

* Our aim is to bring decals for those models that lack them.
* Our favourites are the rare, weird and exotic ones.
* And here's the best thing: no matter the subject, no matter the scale; 
if you want that unique one-off decal for your model only, then we'll 
design and print it for you!

So, just come in, have a look around and get in touch!

Latest news:
(december '17)
Small update: 6 new sets have been added to the wargames range, covering WW-2 Commonwealth divisional emblems.
New sets in our regular range: 72058 - British Armour in North Africa and 35032 - Shermans on Iwo Jima.

(may, ´17)

Here´s our latest update; we've started a new range of decals aiming at wargamers. We've got divisional markings for German, British and Italian units, nationality emblems like stars and crosses, plenty of Soviet slogans and a few small surprises.
Check out our 1/72 scale decal page for the full list of 39 new sets!
New set in our regular range: 72057 - Shermans on Iwo Jima.

In 2017, we'll be attending the following shows:
25 feb 2017 - On Track, Folkestone UK
19 march 2017 - Twenot contest, Overloon NL
25/26 march 2017 - Euro Model Expo / ISSC, Lingen, DE
18 june 2017 - MAFVA Nationals, St Ives UK
23 july 2017 - Cool tanks for the Cold War, Gunfire museum, Brasschaat, BE
10 september 2017 - KMK, Mol BE
7 october 2017 - Jemeppe Model Club, Scale Model Show, Seraing, BE
21/22 oct 2017 - Scale Model Challenge, Veldhoven NL
11/12 nov 2017 - Scale Model World, Telford UK